Sunday, October 31, 2010

Changes .

September 2010
:: time nak pergi berbuka puasa :D ::
dah panjang sikit. haha
1st time in my life colour rambut! ( copper red )
dye guna poster colour la actually. haha . Joke. ^_^

June 2010
:: haha , ni time lepas makan KFC ::
Bob style :)

November 2009
:: time nak amik lesen ::
ni ala - ala rambut korea kot. * haha perasan *

I think every year i changed my hairstyle. Semua dah berpengalaman. haha. tak lah semua. Tapi semua nya tak panjang sampai ke kaki. hehe. These are several pictures of my hair since form 5 until now. Kejap je kan?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kunjungan ke rumah Weena Hasri ~


Today , after lunch with my Weena and Ellis , Weena's dad took us to his house and met her mom at Kg.Tupong, PetraJaya. After that , we ate at food court with weena's bro and cousins. At 9 p.m , her bro sent us back to hostel. Yeahh. iam so full tonight! ate mee and pizza , 3 slices. fuhh!

Ohmy , kelantan menang 2 - 1 . Ape nie! haha *tibe-tibe je*

Saturday and Sculpture


Today , i want to continue buat sculpture , tinggal nak tampal dengan tepung kanji je. Semalam , after exam pergi D.I and beli tepung , tisu , and spray for the sculpture. Last night ika ( my course mate ) nak sleepover kat bilik , tapi tak jadi. huhh. Paper BEL120 pun dah lepas yesterday. I don't think its easy , but i can do it well , amin. :)
I slept late and woke up early today and no breakfast as usual. hehe. Iam so jealous cause my cousin from Johor datang semalam and nak celebrate birthday party my twin sis and ateh ( my aunt ) . Its okay , i just want pictures .hee :D

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Menghitung hari ^_^


Alhamdulillah paper CTU101 and Final Assessment FND100 dah lepas. hehe. So , tomorrow BEl120 . Since study week started , i ate a lot , i think , stress study maybe. haha. Yay! tak sabar nak balik , seriously rindu nak makan fast food ! :D the smell of french fries , crispy beef burger , waaaa!

Friday, October 22, 2010

our tuesday night ~

make - up myself :P

Ellis - make - up by Weena

Weena - make - up by Ellis


Supporting Details

Conclusion :P
( look at my Jari Rusa :D:D )

Malam tu main make - up and took pictures with my roommates , Weena and Ellis. Actually , that's my idea. haha. Release tension :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Revision Week Started !


Start from today , 16th October 2010 , Saturday until 26th October 2010, Tuesday , the revision week started. So many people went home , so 'nice' .Today , i want to do my final project , but i have to buy plasticine first , and i have to draw the analatycal drawing of a stapler and the final drawing and the Dream World. Fuhhh. Study somemore! So , i have to manage my time properly :)

boring and sleepy saturday .

Friday, October 15, 2010

Final Project and Exam


I got 1 more assignment left, Form and Sculpture . But i have to fix my 'Dream World' to get better marks . Yeah , the final exam is just around the corner. I got 4 papers..

1. CTU101 ( Agama )

27th October 2010

2. BEL120 ( English )

29th October 2010

3. VCL105 ( Art Appreciation )

8th November 2010

4.VCL128 ( Culture Studies )

10th November 2010