Thursday, April 21, 2011

Drawing Assessment .

Veron :)

Awie , Veron and Effa

selected for ' Koleksi Jabatan ' . Congratulations ! :)

3 days at effa's :)

sab and diana :)


Last friday , me , fitra and diana went to effa's house to finish our final drawing . So , on that 3 days , we went out for lunch and dinner after that went to Spring Mall for our lunch. We finished our final drawing for 8 hours and straight away go to Fine Art Studio for our drawing assessment :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Think April . Think Final Exam .

my last project for SCULPTURE , wood carving .


Ok . my 1st assessment is drawing on the 20th April, that is next week. Nice. LET's ROCK & ROLL with our ASSIGNMENTS AND WORK ! yeah !

9th April 2011 :)

hehe :)

with fitra , effa and diana ;)


Salam .

Hey guys ! iam 19 ! haha! Iam so happy because i celebrated my birthday with my friends , Fitra , Effa and Diana . Thank you !! I really appreciate it even though i miss celebrating my birthday with my family , but hey, i gained new experience here with my friends ;)

Weena Hasri , my ex-roommate wish me ' Lala , happy 19th bday. Enjoy ur spcial day , have a blast! Love you, mwahx! Weena. Hee. '

Zulkarnain text me ' Happy birthday Dalila bt. Rusilan.hehe. Sweet 19.'

From Erah and Intan , ' Epi bday lala!! lurve u! haha '

Nuzul , my bestfriendforever wish me , ' Lala... Appy bufday... Smoga pnjg umo, murah rezki n bhagia dsampg insan yg t'syg.. ;-) '

Ellis Arshad text me ' Lala . . !! Happy birthday sayang . . Mmuahhh. Love you .... :) '

My sis Noreen , ' pp. Happy birthday meh.. So young lor. Can't wait for u to come back lor. Have a nice day ;) '

My sis Nora , ' Ashaaaaaa. Eppy birthday lorrr. U old2 oledi pp. Hehe. Celebrate with friends meh pp '

The most precious wish is from my parents ,
' Allah selamatkan kamu , Allah selamatkan kamu , Allah selamatkan Nur Dalila , Allah selamatkan kamu . Happy 19th birthday my dear daughter . May u become a beautiful girl in many different ways , physically , mentally n spiritually . Mama n papa love you . Enjoy the day n take care '

and lastly i would like thank for all who wish me ! thank you so much ! :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AD night .

with effa . She's my mak andam that night . haha :D

with effa the 2nd , fitra and diana . They look flamming hot that night ;)

eka and mastura . rawr. haha * tetibe *

effa with ilah . i want to eat them ! cause they look like sweet candy dolls :D

fitra with awang . He sings very well that night :)

ilah with abg fiziii . Cute ! :D

raf , ilah and effa . Ok , tired faces over there . hee :D

and lastly with the AD QUEEN , mastura aiman :)


Last tuesday night , 5th April 2011 , got Art&Design Night at Dewan Jubli. The theme is ' Wanna Be' . So , i don't know what to wear and lastly i wore punjabi suit that i bought last year. I had great times with my coursemate that night . But the food is totally 0.5 out of 10 . Seriously . That night we also celebrated the semester 6 students farewell . :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Final Exam !


Yay ! exam is just around the corner -__- . This is my timetable for final exam. Only got 3 papers , but the other 6 got assessments . great . Wish me all the best and hopefully i don't get sick on the exam days . amin~~

23 April - CTU151
25 April - BEL260
26 April - VCl155

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Si Dia :)


Hey guys ! title nak best je kan , memang best pun .haha. She's my special girlfriend . since friday until today i sleep at ellis's room , teman dia sebab rommate dia balik KL. hee. Malam2 je mesti layan movie and tidur lambat. best !! next sem hopefully dapat bilik yang sama :)

Tonight we had our dinner at Pizza hut and we're full. haha. Esok class start balik macam biasa. woooo -__-

Friday, April 1, 2011

April is here !

Block C

Fitraaaaaawww ;P

I just love the oreo . huhh :D

Salam .

Iam so happy today cause it's april already. haha. Fitra fooled me 1st in CTU class. I forgot that today is 1st April and it's April Fool. hahaha. So , i bought this 3 cute cupcakes for myself because iam so happy today cause someone CUTE looked at me and smile at me.haha. Not that. erm , actually iam so happy because my birthday is coming soon and i have Ain Azman , my coursemate , her birthday is the same as mine . Yeahh!! I got my birthday partner finally . hee :D