Friday, January 28, 2011

Hangin' out before Mid - Sem. break :)

Fitra and Effa@rin dalam Pirate Ship :D

Fitra and Effah ( infront Serapi ) * tibe2 Pak Guard datang and said ' buat apa di sini ' meeting ka ? ergh , relax lah pak guard . After that we'll jalan balik pergi Gading :)

Mas and Hariz . Haha . Hariz lawak. ;D

At Idola Café .

Lampu berkelip - kelip yang ada jual kat tepi jalan D.I rm 10 je . Cantik ~~

Salam . Hye !! haha. * excited * Last night after the FIASO ( Fine Art Society ) meeting , fitra ajak pergi funfair dekat belakang , Desa Ilmu ( D.I ) , with Fitra , Hariz and Effa - Effa . There's two effa's here. hee :D

Then , pergi Idola Café and i ate nasi goreng ayam and bandung. So hungry that time . Lepas tu tunggu Ilah , Mas , Peah and Naim . Pergi funfair at 10 p.m , yang dah nak dekat tutup tu . hehe. Malam tu we all naik Pirate Ship dengan Swing yang tak lama lagi nak roboh .hehe *kidding* ;)

Bak kata Effa@Rin , dizzyness berlaku after we all ride game tu. Seriously , pening gilak (sangat) naik ride tu semalam. But , i had fun last night . Iam going back to KL today and Iam totally HAPPY !! Thanks guys for last night . I've never , for my entire life going out with you guys malam - malam dekat D.I . So , u guys are getting me less nervous to communicate actually , iam so thankful for that :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

While waiting for VCL 155 class ~

me : syok sendiri :D

effa @ rin :)

fittttrrraaaa ;)

Salam . Hari ni ada class Printmaking with Cik Wan , 10 a.m to 1 p.m and after that at 2 p.m ada class VCL 155 - Islamic Art of Malay World at studio fine art . Me , Fitra and Effa@Rin susun meja and kerusi. The weather is likeeeee killin' me .ergh! so hottttt! Okay, and that time also senior pun ada class kat situ juga. What do to ?? Jangan banyak complain , hehe , berkorban untuk masa hadapan , cehhcehh. haha :D Our class 2 p.m till 6.20 p.m , LAMA betul , sebab ganti sekali dengan first week dulu. huhh , kepakkkk hari tok eyhh ( penat hari ni ) heee . After class , pergi beli makanan dekat DM with Fitra , mandi , makan , and terus pergi bilik Ellis at level 5 . (: Yay , 3 hari lagi nak balik !! :D

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hahaha !

One morning , Pak Pandir's neighbour asked if he could borrow Pak Pandir's buffalo to plough his fields as his own buffalo was lame . '' I just need to borrow your buffalo for a few hours please ,'' said the hopeful neighbour . '' I would gladly let you borrow my buffalo dear neighbour , '' Pak Pandir began , '' but unfortunately it is not here ,'' At that moment the buffalo began to grunt loudly from the shed . '' Shame on you Pak Pandir , '' said the neighbour pointing his finger at Pak Pandir in a condescending manner , '' You are lying , I can hear your buffalo grunting loudly in the shed . '' Pak Pandir felt insulted and was unrepentant . '' My dear fellow , are you going to take my word , the word of a religious teacher , or are you going to believe a buffalo ? ''

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Board .

simple as i wanted :)


I ' ve changed my notice board later this evening . So boring got nothing to do then , hmm , got ideas , as simple as i wanted :)

This year , the academic calender changed, may 2011 , iam in semester 3 , november 2011 , semester 4 and may 2012 in semester 5 , insyaAllah :)

I can't wait to go home for CNY next week on the 28th January , Friday !!! Ohmy. totally excited !!! * big smileeeee * :D:D

Zaman Kurus -__-

my sister , Nora and me .

Form 4 , 2008 , berat paling ringan pernah ada. haha :D

can i reverse the time ?? nope . i can't . uwaaa. :((

Just call me LALA .

Salam and happy saturday guyzz.

For today's entry , i wanna talk bout' my nickname or 'nama samaran' . hehe. My family calls me Asha . Why they call me that name ?? tak sama langsung dengan Dalila rite ? haha. want to know more bout' it ?? Actually , macam dalam cerita Ahmad Albab. harharhar. i don't know how to explain somemore. hee :D

Yeah , my friends calls me LALA since i was in form 3 . Itu baru ada kena mengena sikit dengan DALILA kan? haha. Papa just knew my friends calls me LALA last year. hehe :)

So , kesimpulan , everyone can call me LALA or ASHA (:

Friday, January 21, 2011

moments :)

effa and fitra :) 20th Jan

me and fitra. 20th Jan , Lemon Grass :)

CTU class 21st Jan. ( from left : zarifah , ilah and diana )

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


me and nur fitra qaseh , my good friend :)
time KKI last week. ( last sem tak pergi sbb ada REGATTA SARAWAK )

fitra and me , hahaha :D

Salam . hello guyzz. iam back. haha. okay , iam totally absolutely busy with loads of assignments. ergh. SOOOO MANY ! yeah. I got new friends walaupun dah 7 months kat sarawak, but they're from different courses. Then , i have problem register course. So , met KP and masuk Public Speaking , and the best thing is , datang - datang je tadi , tunggu lecturer about 1 hour and last - last sign attendance lepas tu balik. haha. tak pelah , first time masuk . muka blur jeee.. :D

So , next week balik rumah !!! tak sabar sangat woo. haha. and my friends ada suruh kirim barang.. tak sabar nak makan mihun sup !! :D..

Monday, January 10, 2011

Plain White T's - Rhythm Of Love

tehee :D


Salam. Haha. yang kat atas ni makanan yang ada dalam hostel. from left : nesvita , 1st time try , sedap !! and then in the middle tu ada cream crackers , mentos and CHOKI-CHOKI!!! haha. and yang kanan sekali tu milo fuze. sesiape nak , satu seringgit.hahaha. kidding :P

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Hairstyle ~

Salam. Went to D.I with Fitra and cut my hair and after that we lunch together :)

Semester 2 ~

Salam. woah! dah lama tak update blog since new year hari tu. So , iam now at sarawak in semester two . I got my bedroom level 3 , and i have new roommate , Intan , she's taking banking and same class with Weena and she's from sarawak too. :)

I got 9 subjects this semester . There are
english , agama , painting , printmaking , sculpture , drawing ii , visual communication , islamic art and recreation . This week pun dah ada 3 assignments ! My lecturer said , this sem kena banyak bersabar. :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve :)


Yesterday , we all went to Ampang Point with ateh , adam and aziz , bought their school bags there. After that , went to Empire Shopping Gallery at Subang Jaya . We had our lunch at Kenny Rogers Roasters and i ate a lot that day . huhh ! ;P

After that , adam and aziz naik train for kids , rm 2 per person . So cute !! :D Then , sis noreen belanja me a purse ! not just a purse ! C&K's purse !! i like itttttt ! thanks akaaaa :D