Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 , new vission and mission ~

Salam and hello readers !

I would like to wish a very 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' to all of you ! Hope our wishes for this year 2011 comes true ! but some of us lost the most important person in her/his life , life's like that , sometime we're happy but sometime we're not. What i want for this new year ? I want to change myself first from being too blur sometime to someone who act normal :)

I also want to make change of my personality . I rarely talks to boys , seriously , and this year , maybe , for the help from my friends , i hope , i will have more boy and girlfriends , but i choose friends. I don't make friends with the people who think they're too good , selfish , only choose friends who have 'the style' 'the standard' and whatsoever , too social with their teenage life and i don't make friends with people who act they like us , but actually they don't .

I would also want to get rid off my scalp things. But , i think i have to wait because the doctor said it will keep going on . What to do , its all my fault, rarely put on medicine to get rid of it. ergh! i must be patient . Its easy for u to say because u don't have to suffer like me for more than four years since i was in form three.

So , what's your wishes or hopes ? and one more thing i don't know what's my fashion style right now . I can be too boyish style or too girlish style . I want to dress comfortably look stylish a little bit , hehe :D

Last but not least , i want strengthen my drawing skills and enjoy your new year with full of joy and happiness ! :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

please be patient , ok?
cehh, macam ramai pula nak tengok.haha

Going Back to Swak :(

mood bercampur - aduk !

argh ! cuti sem nak habis ! class nak start ! banyak barang nak bawak balik ! rindu rumah ! rindu semua ! tension+happy+sad equal to scalp psoriasis problemo !! iam going back to sarawak 1 Jan 2011 , at 10.05 a.m , and Iam getting fatter , naik 3kg dalam masa 1 bln setengah ! haha !

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pinggiran Pantai , Hari Jumaat :)

grilled potato !

chicken ! hotdog and potatoes !

Cuti - cuti with ateh's family :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Adam's Birthday Party :)

Salam and hello readers !

Celebrate Adam's 6th Birthday , actual birthday is on 23rd December , but we celebrated it early. Ate a lot that night ! huhh. kfc , satay , cake ! , carbonated drinks ! ! ! and malam tu jugak , we all watched BOLA , VIE vs MAS ( 0 - 0 ) hehe.

Semua bersemangat ! especially time nak dekat habis tu ! papa of course yang paling berdebar - debar ! huhu. At last , 0 - 0 , Malaysia Final . haha. Lega sikit papa ! Breathhhh appalisner ~~ tibe - tibe cite pasal bola ! haha. kadang2 boleh hilangkan stress tengok bola ni. hihi :D

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thursday Night ~

Salam and Hello readers !

Yesterday , me , mama and my twin sis went to Midvalley and shopping. Sale ! Sale ! everywhere! i likeeee ittt ! haha. I love the christmas decoration ! especially the teddy bears !!! SO CUTE !!!!! wish i can get one ! :D

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hangin' Out !

nuzul and mirra :)

kaja and nuzul ~

with mirra ;)

Hello readers ! Yesterday , went out with my BestFriendForever ! hee :D Nuzul , Amira and Kaja. We went to JJ first and met Kaja . After that met mira and 3 of us went to Time Square and watch movie. We invited kaja to join us , unfortunately , her dad didn't allow her. So , we all ate at Mdm. Lim's . We all ate 3 different kinds of noodles. Yummy !

3 of us took taxi from JJ to TS and straight away buying tickets . We watched 'Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah' . Ohmy, u better watch ! HAHA! lawak bebenor ! :D :D

4.00pm , went to Nuzul's house , tengok tv and berborak2 with her until 5 p.m , papa and mama ambil. hehe. BESTNYE , at last , dapat juga keluar dengan kawan baik kat skola dulu !!! miss them so much !! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fully Booked Friday :D

with ammalisner :D

larkalorya and larkaloryeen

mama's choice : shepard's pie :)

Chille Con Carne , sis noreen's

Nasi Kerabu , my choice , absolutely yummy - licious

sis nora's classic meatballs bolognese

Hello readers !

Last friday , 10.12.2010 ,
result keluar.. wooo. sejuk tangan nak tengok. urgh. bangun awal pulak tu. tunggu lah sampai pukul 9 a.m . Seriously , macam nak tengok result SPM. Alhamdulillah , lucky number 3.19 , semua lulus. I'll try harder next time . went lunch at Delicious with mama and my twin sis. Yummy ! I ate a lot that day. huhh! getting more chubby :D

After that pergi beli barang nak bawa balik uitm dekat Tesco Ampang. Beli biskut and milo 3 in 1 je. Mama cakap 'beli lah nestum , nanti tak lah boring minum milo je'. Tapi terlupa nak beli...haha..lain kali jelah mama.. :)
Dah penat2 'morping' ( shopping ) hahaha, weird :P , mama bawak pergi saloon dekat Nirwana and cuci rambut je.. mama dye rambut. Hari yang mewmewnatkan . hahaaa.

That friday night , my twin sis belanja tengok movie ' The Chronicles of Narnia : The Voyage of the Dawn Treader ' two thumbs up ! best gilak (sangat) with mama , ateh , aziz and adam. :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Froggy collection :)

I Love Cute Man - Made Frogs :)
not the real one ! eww. haha :P

Beli barang :D

Hello readers :)

Hari ni mama tak kerja , so we lunch with sis noreen dekat Ampang Park . After that , hantar sis noreen at her office. Straight away pergi beli barang dapur and singgah Romantika at Taman Dagang. I bought 2 boxes , a frog , and a rabbit. haha. :D

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jalan - Jalan

Salam. Today , me and mama went to Jalan TAR in da morning , and i bought a long indian blouse. I like it !! and tudung nak pergi class CTU. hehe. After that went to Jusco with mama and my twin sis . We lunch at Nandos and I bought new shoe nak pergi class. hee :D

Hari ni birthday papa!
Happy 54th Birthday PA ! :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Beriadah :)

playground view .

adam ( delicious ! )

with ateh :)

ice cream !! :D


We went to Lake Garden ( Taman Tasik Perdana ) for 30 minutes and after that hujannnnn~~ tapi sempat makan ice cream lagi ! yeah! hehe. Thanks to mama , ateh , my twin sis and adam ! After that terus balik rumah.. Kinda sleepy ~

Friday, December 3, 2010

my ' no internet ' day. haha.

Salam. Yesterday was like ...... !! no internet for a day and watched 3 movies kat rumah sekaligus ! after that got nothing to do and sketch something ,watch movie ( Harry Potter and Ngangkung ) with mama and my twin sis .hehe . Can't wait to go holiday with family .huh! :) Ohmy . next week result kuar arrr. berdebar - debar kamek :S